Monday, December 23, 2013

Loving My Red Hot Christmas!

Dear Family!
Guess what; it is Christmas week!! How crazy is that?!? It's so weird to have a hot Christmas! Frankly it just doesn't feel like Christmas; you know? But it's good. It's my favourite time of year, snow or no snow. I hope you guys are enjoying your white Christmas, cause I'm loving my red-hot one! (:
I'm sure you guys are looking forward to your very best Christmas present of all....getting to talk to your favourite sister/daughter. You guys must be so excited! (: Ha ha just kidding I'm excited. So I will be skyping you at about 8:30 am Christmas morning here in I don't know when that is in America; sometime on Christmas Eve evening. But yes, I have Skype account so I guess I will just Skype you guys! So be online okay!? (:

Just me trying to smell my Christmas box you sent me!

Ahhh I loooooovvveee the Christmas pictures you sent me!! Joseph is the cutest thing on the entire planet!!!! Aww he's been crying for me?! Oh my goodness I miss him so much. He is so adorable. Give him a kiss for me! I'm so excited to seehis cute little face.
 Yep sounds like you guys are in full-blown party season right now! The life we lead; oh my goodness. Family, count your blessings, because you are the privileged of the privileged.
Ummm okay so Abby's hair looks GORGEOUS. What did I tell you?!?! You were always meant to be a brunette!

I got some AMAZING news this morning!! So Tony and Nina, the Bosnian family that Sister Littleford and I found in Kentucky, are getting baptized!! (: We got so close to that family. They are the ones that dropped me off to the mission home when I left; and we all cried. I am SO excited to hear that they are getting married and baptized. I promised I would fly out for their sealing, and I'm still planning on it!
So! We had a good week here in Australia! To be completely honest, things have slowed down a bit. Christmas time is hard here in Australia, because everyone believes in family, but not in they don't love having missionaries over around Christmas time. Even the members are a bit busy for us. But hey!! That's okay!! "Let us all press on in the work of the Lord...." Last night we went tracting, but disguised it as carolling, and met some awesome people. So we will go back after Christmas and teach them. And it will be amazing.

So. Revelation. It's my favourite thing ever. And it is so tricky sometimes! The Lord works in His own way and in His own time, and we just have to learn to be patient. Sister Payze and I have been praying for direction and guidance for our area for days and days. Yesterday, as we were closing our planning session and she was praying, the guidance we'd been seeking just came to my mind effortlessly. It was really cool and exactly what we needed.

We are teaching this woman named Ayla right now. She is awesome; she will definitely get baptized but there are a few complications with her partner. BUT! She will get baptized. She knows the gospel is true. I'm pretty much 100% sure we knew each other in the pre-existence. The Lord definitely blessed me with the gift of discernment with her; I always know exactly what her concerns/feelings are,  more than with any other investigator that I've taught. She always says that I can read her better than her own mother. The gift of discernment is a real thing, you guys!

Yeah don't worry; I'm over that stress thing. I was definitely pushing myself too hard, but I've learned that everyone has limits and that is okay. So don't worry! Things are awesome and I am LOVING my mission. It is the best thing I've ever done! Missions aren't easy; but there is nothing better. I've learned so much about myself. Nothing can replace the growth and experience you get from dedicating yourself to the Lord.
I love you all! Can't wait to talk to you on Christmas! Kiss Joseph for me!

Sister Bryce

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