Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tongan Dishes that Consist of Chicken and Coconut Cream Wrapped in Leaves!

Dear family,
AHHHHHHHHH Have I ever told you guys how much I am enjoying myself???? Being a missionary is SOOO cool!! I will never get over it.

We had an AWESOME week. Seriously, we are SO blessed. Sister Leakehe and I have seen miracle after miracle!! Of course there are trials and hard days, but to be honest the 'hard' days just aren't that hard. There is an underlying current of peace and contentment on a mission, I have found...it comes from living righteously, trusting in God and knowing that you are where you should be. It's the bomb dot com. I just cracked my back and the guy next to me was like..."ahhhh!"....I really should stop doing that huh...on the bright side, I stopped biting my nails! (: again.

Yesterday we had dinner with a part-member family... the husband/dad is a really nice white guy and his wife is straight Tongan. For some reason they love us, which is great! They made us this delicious tongan dish that consisted of chicken and coconut cream wrapped in leaves. It was sooo good. It was hilarious though, because my companion is technically Tongan...like, both her parents were born ON the island, but she has this thing against Tongan food and she was even more scared to eat it than I was. It was delicious though and we both enjoyed it very much. The members are so nice to feed us all the time...literally, like, all the time.

We went up to the mission office in Perth this week for Sister Leakehe's Follow Up Training. We modelled teaching the Restoration in 4 minutes....She SMASHED it! She is WAY way way better than I was at my follow up training. I'm so proud of her! (: I've worked so hard to train her well, but I can't take any credit because she's just naturally the bomb.

The Perth Temple

My Badge and CTR ring at the Temple.

I love Sister Leakehe SO much!

SEFILI IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH we are so excited!! She is seriously AMAZING. She had her Baptismal Interview yesterday and just blew the elder that interviewed her away....she's amazing. She wants to go on a mission and everything. It's SO cool!! She is going to make such a solid member. My goodness I am so attached. You get so attached to the people you teach.

Mandy, who is getting baptized in March, is doing So awesome. She has had so many answers to her prayers, which is just incredible because 3 weeks ago she didn't even believe in God. She is always telling us about the little ways she is seeing God's hand in her life....through things as simple as us showing up randomly without an appointment when she's having a bad day, or getting a call from a friend after she's said a prayer...she told us the other day she was walking, and she saw the sun behind a cloud with sun rays streaming out, and she just knew in her heart that God was really there, and that that sunset was meant for her. So incredible. We could all do well to notice the little things a little bit more. God is in the details of our lives. As my old mission president used to say, "God micromanages our lives".

Well, I love you all. Sounds like Hurricane is awesome, I like that place.Yayyy! More babies!! I love babies!! They should definitely keep having them so that I have lots to hold when I get home!

Love, Sister Bryce

Look mom! I took a picture of the city for you!

Sister Leakehe and I with Leti, a lovely Tongan member that we loved to take tracting with us.

Our district, bless their hearts.  

We dry our clothes the old-fashioned way...on the line! Yes, I am wearing a lava lava. A Samoan investigator gave it to me and it changed my life...SO easy.

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