Thursday, January 30, 2014

That's One Brick for your Mansion in Heaven

Dear Family,
It sounds like things are going great! Thank you so much for the long, beautiful email, I just knew you guys would come through! That's one brick for your mansion in Heaven.
Yep being a trainer has been awesome; but only because I have the best trainee the world has ever seen.

Rex is filling out his application to BYU? What the...he's not old enough yet! Ahh that's so weird! Yes I'm sure Taylor will want to hang out with Rex when he goes home. Elder Cook is an incredible missionary so he can help Rex study up for the mish. Rick can too but he's obviously too busy dating....and Taylor won't have that problem. (: Abby. Make sure he doesn't have that problem. Ha ha just kidding everyone! Relax. Emerald is in Drivers E.D.? What the? Ha ha quick, everyone off the roads!! Remember Nemold, no instagraming while driving. Rules are rules.

Oh you guys are going on a cruise in May for Pre-missionary-Rex? Cool, that will be fun! That Pre-missionary-Rick cruise we went on was way fun. I'm sure you guys are going to have a grand old time. Ha ha Abby, John and Joe don't get to go? What are they going to do instead, other than write me letters and read their scriptures of course? So um....what are your guys' ideas for the celebration of Post-Anna's-Mission? Brainstorm and send me the list and I'll ponder about it. General Conference tickets all around, am I right?!

So, things have been amazing here in Western Australia! Wow, can you believe I'm in Australia? You realize you guys are upside-down right now, right? Yes things have been awesome. The reason I didn't email on Monday is because it was a public holiday, so P-day was moved to Thursday and we got to go to the Temple! It was this morning. It was seriously so amazing. I love going to the Temple. You really gain an appreciation for it when you aren't allowed to go whenever you want. It's was awesome and I gained a lot of revelation for our area.

Let me tell you about this week! Where do I even start? Sister Leakehe and I have a miracle at LEAST once a day. At least, sometimes/usually more. We've found some incredible new people to teach, via the members, tracting, and talking to everyone. It's been so good. One night we had about ten minutes before we needed to go in, and we really REALLY wanted to find one more new investigator. So we said a prayer and asked the Lord to guide us to where He wanted us to go. As I was praying, Sister Leakehe had a house on the other side of town near our flat pop into her head. So, we got into the car and drove there! The NICEST African lady lives there, and now we are teaching her. Inspiration, people.

It's been really neat being a trainer. I didn't realize just how much Sister Leakehe imitates what I do until she started to tell me things. Like, for example, last night she told me that she always listens to the way I talk to people on the phone and then tries to do the same thing. I was like, "Holy smokes. If she's paying that much attention to something that small, what else is she picking up on?!" Being a trainer is such a responsibility. You have to be careful about the sort of legacy you pass on.
Well family, I wish I had more time to email you but unfortunately I am in a rush! I love you all, be good!
Sister Bryce

p-day lunch with the district!
Me with Sister Wyatt; a sister that I love. She is Neil L. Andersen's niece, cool huh!

Some of the sisters at Zone Conference

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