Sunday, September 15, 2013

Missionary Faith Matters

So this has been an awesome week. Sister Lee-Lo and I have been planning like crazy; we have so much going on this transfer - a Sister's Conference for all the sisters in the mission, Mission Leadership Council, Zone Conference,  Interviews with President, and exchanges with 4 sets of sisters. It's going to be crazaaay.

Sister Lee-Lo made daisy-chains for my birthday.(:

So this week in my personal study, I came across a scripture in Ether 12 that talks about how it was the faith of Ammon and later Nephi and Lehi that caused such a great change to come upon the Lamanites. This really got me thinking..because as missionaries, I think we often underrate the importance of our own faith in the conversion of our investigators. I mean obviously, their faith is so important - and ultimately, that's what it comes down to - but I realized that their faith can be ignited by experiences that come from OUR faith. This was a major revelation for me, and it made me realize how much I need to strengthen my own faith. I studied it and really worked on building my own faith in the converting power of the gospel, and it makes SUCH a difference in our lessons. It's incredible.

Right after I had the revelation, we had a lesson this week with a woman named L----- that has cancer. It was Soooo good. The spirit was so strong; she was crying and everything. Sister Lee-lo is an amazing teacher and so good at connecting with people. It was so cool because I could see how the quality of the lesson was so directly correlated with my own happened again later, with a woman named J------. So cool. Being a missionary is the bomb dot com.

No I'm not gluten sensitive..I didn't eat gluten for a week and it made no difference. But I did find out what it is. It's sugar. We ate super healthy for a week - we didn't even really try to cut out sugar, it just sort of happened because we didn't have any - and then one day we ate cookies and ice cream. I swear, I FELT the sugar hit my brain. It gave me such a head ache. So that's what it is. Sugar gives me headaches. What is that supposed to mean? Is sugar intolerance even a thing? All I know is that should all the elements combine to hedge up the way, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after me, nothing, NOTHING, is going to stop me from eating my krispie kreme donuts.

Alright so this was a wonderful week... but there was one tiny litttle small bad thing that happened. You know how I sometimes lose things? Or actually how my stuff sometimes runs away? Well yes, that happened. We all knew it was only a matter of time before I lost something important. Well..... I lost my camera card. Yep. The one with all of my MTC, Tennessee Nashville Mission, and all other mission pictures up till two days ago on it. Definitely save the ones I sent you, because that is officially all there is. I don't even know what happened! It was in my bag, and then it just wasn't. It must have fallen out while we were gallivanting around Busselton converting people. Come on we all knew something like this was bound to happen could be worse. There's way worse things to lose. I could have lost a limb....or my self-worth....or my exaltation....well I still have all those, just not my camera card. I think that the curse that was placed on the land of the Nephites and the Lamanites and the Jaredites was also accidentally put on me, because all things are slippery unto me. I lay a tool here and on the morrow it is camera cards are taken from me in the day I have sought them for pictures. Ha ha ha I shouldn't joke about it, it's not funny...except it kind of is. I'd rather make it a joke than a tragedy.

These pictures are ones that Sister Lee-lo got off my camera card just before I lost it.
Alright well I love all of you, my world-traveling parents and my little munchkin siblings. Don't forget to write me long beautiful letters and stuff! You can even send me a package, I won't even be mad.

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