Friday, May 10, 2013

Heading to Nashville!

So, let me give you the down-low. I received my temporary reassignment today! And I am going to.....NASHVILLE TENNESEE. ASK ME HOW EXCITED I AM. THIS EXCITED: [-------universe----------]!!! I am seriously SO stoked! They normally reassign Australian missionaries to a west coast mission, in California or Washington. So when I got my reassignment in the mail today, I glanced at it, saw Nashville, and was like "No. Not possible". I didn't even want to believe it because it was that cool. So I marched over to the Travel Office, handed the guy the paper and said, "Hi, could you please tell me what this says?" And he was like "yep, looks like you've been temporarily reassigned to Nashville. You leave Monday morning." AND THEN I did a victory dance (just kidding, not allowed), and was pretty much just super super excited. So yeah, I guess what I'm trying to say is my life rocks.

Anyways, I have some other amazing news. Yesterday I got a package. I went to pick it up, and guess what it was? That's right, Krispie Kreme donuts. It was like Christmas. But then guess who it was from? Elder Cook! How nice is that?!?! The point I am trying to make is that my life might very possibly be perfect.

So here is the situation with my district: I don't have one. My district and my dear sweet companion Sister Whipple all flew out to Guam Monday morning.

They left at 3 am, so I woke up without a companion and went straight to the Information desk to get myself a new one. They put me in a class specifically for visa-waiters that have already finished the 2-week program, which is great and all, except I am the only sister. So I have no companion! I am solo. The 9 Elders in my class have to escort me everywhere, which I feel bad about but yeah, those are the rules. They seem fine with it, one of them is in the military and has gotten the idea in his head that they are my body guards. I just don't know how I get myself into these situations.

I am still LOVING the MTC. This is seriously such an amazing place! I have learned so much. It's amazing how evident that hand of the Lord is in my life. The timing of my mission call, the timing of my visa, my reassignment - there is a reason for all of it, I can feel it. I don't know what the Lord's plan for me is, but I know there definitely is one. I'm just so grateful for the opportunity to serve, wherever and whenever that may be.

Thanks so much for the packages mom! They save my life.

OH YEAH I have some news. I am a grandma!!! Yep, the sisters that I trained are now training my brand-new roommates. It's so great. I'm so proud.

President and Sister Nally, the MTC President and Wife, were mission presidents in Perth. (!) They sat down with me for lunch and told me all about it! They are seriously so nice. Then we had this big Mission Conference, and President Nally went through and called the names of all the missions that people are going to, and every one stood up when their mission was called. He called Perth, Australia, and I stood up all by myself and it was pretty sad and pretty funny. And he said, "oh yes, Sister Bryce, our Perth missionary". And I felt pretty cool because he remembered my name.

Alright well, I love you all! I think the next time I email you might be from Nashville! I'll keep you posted. (:

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  1. Super cool, Anna! Did you know that Kennedy might be moving to the Tennessee Knoxville mission?? How cool is that?