Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Serving in Bowling Green Kentucky

So I am officially a missionary in the Tennessee Nashville Mission! I LOVE IT here. It is so beautiful and holy smokes, everyone is so southern. It's the greatest!

I am actually serving in Kentucky, in a little city called Bowling Green. It is absolutely beautiful; you would not believe how perfect the country side is. Like a fairy tale. Just miles and miles of rolling green hills and picket fences and big red barns and little white farmhouses. It's AWESOME. I didn't even know places like this existed! It is so green; you don't really realize Utah is a desert until you get out here. It is so amazing.

So, my companions. Are. Awesome. Sister Littleford and Sister Thulasidass. Sister Littleford is from Cedar City and she is just the sweetest thing; we hit it right off. I love her and we are going to be friends forever. 

Now get this - Sister Thulasidass is from India. INDIA. ASK ME HOW HAPPY I AM. She was living in Chennai while I was serving there at Pathway. How crazy is that?!?! Answer, NOT a coincidence. It is so awesome. Sometimes I talk Tamil to her and it's just hilarious. She knows how to make all of the delicious dishes I've been wanting to have since I left Tamil Nadu. My life is complete! I am going to have to visit her when I go back to India. 

So let me tell you about the Work! Right now we are teaching a woman named S------; she is from Micronesia and is just the sweetest thing. They met her a few days before I came, and my first lesson in the field was her second lesson. She is GOLDEN. She is getting baptized on June 1st and we are so excited! She came to church yesterday and we had a marvelous Relief Society lesson on the blessing of the Temple. S------ didn't completely understand what it was, but the Spirit was very strong and it touched her heart. She was crying and saying how bad she wanted to be sealed in the Temple. She is so awesome and I am so excited for her!

The people here are very religious. There are a lot of baptists. We are teaching a Pentecostal preacher and his wife; well, trying anyways. They are wonderful people and I think they are trying to convert us. Ha ha it is hilarious. He told us that he wanted to set up a night of the week to do Bible study with us, and I said yeah that would be awesome! But we're going to have to arrange a time for Book of Mormon study as well. Ha ha he got all nervous. He is afraid of the Book of Mormon, but we will work with him. Hopefully he will read it; if not, we'll just ask him for a referral and be on our way! There will be no Bible bashing in this companionship. No matter how badly I want to. (:

Yesterday (Sunday) morning we went to Hillvue Heights Baptist Church. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. People looked at us funny, but the Pastor was overjoyed to have some Mormons in the audience. It gave him a prime opportunity to throw in some subtle jabs at us. I just smiled at him and every time he said something, I smiled bigger. They really are wonderful people trying to find Jesus, they are just looking in the wrong place. Which is why we are here!

That is awesome that Rex got a job [at Subway]! Tell him to make me a sandwich. WHICH REMINDS ME. Guess what Kentucky has? Besides Olive Garden (that's right, Olive Garden)? KRISPIE KREME. Tender mercies, people. The Lord blesses His missionaries.

I love the way people talk here. We went over to a house yesterday and the wife offered us some "fried green maters". Tomatoes. Green Tomatoes. And they call us 'honey' and 'child' and say things like 'ya'll and 'I reckon' and 'he done told me...' It's so great. I love the South. The people here are so humble and God-fearing and it's just awesome.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well! It sounds like things at home are great. I will try and write a letter and send it home. It's awesome the way things are moving forward with Pathway, Definitely keep me posted on that. And I need more pictures! Can you send me the ones you took when you dropped me off at the MTC? And some of Joseph's sweet awesome haircut that I gave him so skillfully? Anyways, I love you all! Keep the Faith

The Bowling Green, Kentucky District!

Some AWESOME ladies in the ward that had us over for dinner - they are the real southern deal!

Me and Sister Littleford

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