Monday, June 10, 2013

A Spiritual Bull Dozer

I had a WONDERFUL week. My companions and I are beasts at sharing the Gospel. We plow through Bowling Green like a spiritual bulldozer. Ha ha no but really, we had 17 new investigators this week! And 6 investigators at Church. Best day of our lives.

We set another baptismal date! W--- is getting baptized on June 29! We are SO stoked! He is so so awesome. The amazing thing about missionary work is that it really has very little to do with the missionary. Missionaries don't convert people. The Spirit does. Shirley and W--- have both been prepared their entire lives to receive the Gospel. It's an incredible experience to watch it happen.

Sister Thulasidass is leaving us on Wednesday. Are we heartbroken? Yes. Yes we are. Luckily, Sister Littleford is an angel sent directly from heaven to be my companion so we will get through it. I LOVE her. She's the cutest missionary the world has ever seen. She's adorable. Sometimes when I get depressed (which is never) I think to myself, "Sister Littleford is my companion," and then a chorus of angels begins to sing. It's really really cool actually.

We went to Catholic mass with one of our investigators. It was really, really neat.

Tell Rick that I have taken a page out of his book! I have a quote above my bed. It says, "'Take a Nap.' -Satan." It's hilarious and SO true. I didn't really like naps until they were no longer an option. Tell Abby to take a nap for me.

My lovely lovely companion, Sister Littleford
I am so glad Rex got his Eagle! Somewhere out there is a beautiful girl that Rex is going to fall in love with that has said her whole life that she is going to marry an eagle scout. And it's going to be so adorable.

Joseph still remembers me, right? Show him some pictures of me and say "Joseph, this is Anna. She is your favorite sister. None of us will ever compare to her in your eyes, but it's okay. Because she is so great." OH that reminds me! We were tracting on....Thursday....? We knocked on a door, and guess who opened it? A ten year old boy with Down Syndrome named C-----. I about passed out with happiness. You know the part in the Book of Mormon where Ammon is so full of joy that he collapses? Yes well that was me. I almost collapsed. But I pulled myself together and we went in and talked to his dad, who was like the nicest guy ever. And we are going to go back and teach them! I AM SO EXCITED.

I hope everyone is doing okay! I am doing awesome. Tell Mom and Rick not to be too jealous of my First World mission experience. It's hard in different ways. I am pretty lucky though. I love the Tennessee Nashville Mission and I am going to be so sad to leave.

An AWESOME woman in our ward, Sister McDonald

Tracting in the rain, people. You gotta do what you gotta do. It's actually really good, because people feel bad for us so they talk to us! 

A feast we made of Indian and American deliciousness

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