Sunday, August 11, 2013

18 New Investigators!

I have had an AMAZING week!! Seriously, it has been so awesome.

This week, Sister Lee-lo and I decided that we needed to build up our Teaching Pool, because it was pretty much non-existent. So we went to TOWN on Busselton. We seriously worked so, so hard, and it paid off because we found 18 new investigators!! And they are SOLID!! We also set a baptismal date with one of our investigators, Annie, on September 4th. We are so stoked.


In District Meeting on Tuesday, we set a goal as a district to find 20 new investigators (there are four sets of Elders in the district, plus us). It was a pretty high goal as far as this area goes. But we all worked so, so hard, and as a district we found 39 new investigators - which is absolutely unheard of for this area. It has been so great. The statistic is about 1 out of every 18 investigators gets baptized, so that means Sister Lee-lo and I should at least be able to get one of our new investigators from this week to progress to baptism! But HOPEFULLY, we will get 9 or 10. (:

No seriously though, I love it here. I love Australia. It is much different than the Bible belt, but there is certainly a lot of work to be done. It's kind of nice because here, if people aren't interested then they will just tell you straight up. In Kentucky, people would beat around the bush and avoid us rather than hurt our feelings, which is the worst because it just wastes our time. We would so much rather have them just reject us upfront. Rejection isn't even bad. It's hilarious actually.

We did a lot of tracting this week, which is always fun. It's not the most effective way to find people, but since we don't have any referrals we have to find them ourselves. I really do enjoy tracting.
Yes I'm sure everyone thought that picture of Elder Cook and I was hilarious. It is hilarious. I promise, it wasn't as awkward as it looks!

We are working hard and are focused, and the Lord has blessed our district with a very successful week that has earned us the attention of the President. The mission will see that we are working hard and they'll forget about the drama. This is an awesome mission.

Okay well the MISSION HOME wasn't cold, it's my flat that's cold!! It's frigid!! It's a hollow block of ice that we are expected to live in! Ha ha no it's not that bad. I do wish I brought my thermal pjs though. Those things are smoooth.

There are plenty of fun things to do as a family other than watch a movie. You could act out a Book of Mormon story. You could write letters to Sister Bryce. You could have a dance party. You could rewatch General Conference. The possibilities are endless!

Sister Lee-lo and I are trying to eat really healthy. We eat lots of fruit and vegetables! That's pretty much all we buy. But then someone gives us chocolate and our resolve just caves. It's good though, because when we are healthy then we can be better missionaries. We can bike farther faster and we have more energy! Which is absolutely necessary.

Well, I love you guys! We are driving up to Bunbury for P-Day today; that will be fun. Things are going awesome down here! Next week's letter will be more interesting, I promise. I love you all!

Our recent converts Chipmunk and Dora are very hilarious.(:

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