Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spilling a Bag on the Train

Hey how ya goin'? That's hello in Australian! So I had a wonderful week!! It went by SO fast!

Last P-day was amazing. We went out to some caves by the ocean as a district, it was so much fun! My district is hilarious. The caves were sweet and the view of the ocean was STUNNING. I will send some pictures. I've been wanting to go there ever since Taylor sent me pictures of it back in December! It's gorgeous. Afterwards some of the Polynesian Elders in our district found a spring and we used leaves to drink the water. It was incredibly delicious.

My darling Sister Lee-lo and I!
Those are some nice pictures, Joseph looks humongous! That boy needs to slow down his growing! What are you feeding him?!

Okay so about my week. It was awesome!! AMAZ-ING. We went up to Warwick (Just outside of Perth) for a follow-up training for all the new missionaries. I am definitely a loose interpretation of a 'new missionary'. It was great though; we had to teach the Restoration as a companionship in front of everyone in less than four minutes. It was crazy and way fun! I love trainings, they are the BOMB.
After that we had exchanges with the Sisters from Hallshead. They came down and stayed with us from Thursday to Saturday. It was a blast. The four of us - Sister Faivakimoana, Sister Tanner, Sister Lee-lo and I - got along SO well. It was pretty much incredible. (:

The beautiful Sister Tanner and I. (:

Sister Lee-lo and I are still working hard down here in Busselton, which is the best area in the whole world. We're going to make it the next Zion. We're gonna be translated. Ha ha no it really is awesome though; there are a lot of people to teach! Probably like a million. So what if we have to chase them down the street in the rain? YOSO - you only serve once.

On the train!
Oh something really hilarious happened to us this week! So we took the train from Hallshead to Warwick for our follow up training, along with two other Elders. It was about an hour-long ride. At each stop, the doors would open for about seriously, like 10 seconds. You have to really move if you want to get off at your stop. Well anyways, just as we reached at our stop, Elder Leir went to hand Sister Lee-lo her bag and accidentally grabbed it up-side down. It spilled EVERYWHERE - pamphlets went flying. We were scrambling to pick it up and the Elders got off, and the doors shut before we could get off. Oh my goodness we were dying. It was so hilarious. The timing was just so terrible! So then we had to switch trains and yeah it was just so funny. I did give this lady that saw the whole thing a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, so who knows, maybe it was supposed to happen. Anyways, we were laughing for like 20 minutes. #yoso (editors note: "you only serve once")

We are ninjas at baking.

Yes I am sure the Highland 10th Ward thinks Elder Cook and I meeting is hilarious. He is an awesome missionary; everyone tells me what a great teacher and leader he is. He is very well-respected in the mission.

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