Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two Baptisms Coming Up

Yes this has been an awesome week! It is absolutely INSANE how fast time goes by. Seriously it's crazy; my 4-month mark is this week. I can't even believe it! It's going to be over before I know it! That is so sad.

I love the pictures you guys send me. Rex is so buff. Has he had a Priesthood blessing for his leg? Cause I'm telling you, those things work! Rick and Rex look so so handsome making those sandwiches.

Things are going wonderfully down here in Busselton! I LOVE it here. It is the cutest little town; set right on the beach. It is absolutely beautiful. The branch here is awesome! It's very small. It feels like a family. I will probably serve here for a little while and I can imagine that I am going to get very attached.

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, this time from the other side.
We have two baptisms coming up; A---- and N----. A----- is so so sweet; she is from Indonesia and makes us food all the time. She has been investigating for about a year, and has been taught by many missionaries. She is ready to commit. It's really weird; I remember Elder Cook writing and telling me about her, and here I am teaching her. They never could get her to church; but she came yesterday! (:

I SAW SOME KANGAROOS!!!! They are so so SO cute. Actually no they aren't that cute but they are really awesome! They are hilarious when they jump. There are tons of them here in Busselton. They just chill. I'll get some good pictures of some and show you. I really like them.
I drove a few times this week; it was the weirdest thing of my life and I am not exaggerating when I say we almost died. Ha ha no really, it was crazy. They drive on the other side of the road here, so everything is flipped - you shift with your left hand and indicate with your right. It's ridiculous how many times I turned the windshield wipers on trying to blinker. Sister Lee-lo was a trooper; she always informed me with a laugh when I was on the wrong side of the road. Hopefully we don't die; but it is a distinct possibility so pray for us. (:

Overlooking Indian Ocean

Oooh what's the Divya video? Which Divya; what year is she? Three of the girls at Pathway while I was there were named Divya. Yes I would LOVE to see those clips when you are done! When you are in India, give my regards to Dr. Prasad, Chandra and Sudha Subramaniam.
Sounds like John is being awesome. Lets face it; we always knew he was studlier than the rest of us.

We love tracting!
Yes! The Gospel IS true! We are SOOO lucky! We don't realize how lucky we are. I have been very blessed; I have now lived in respective Mormon, Christian, Pagan and Athiest societies, and it has given me a unique perspective; particularly on the aspect of religion. We are the one percent of the one percent of the one percent. The blessings we have been given are absolutely innumerable. First of all; a fair chance at salvation. That in itself is MORE than enough, but there are countless other blessing that accompany it - strong family ties, community, a sense of identity, relative prosperity, eternal perspective, etc. The majority of us live and die without really grasping the magnitude of the responsibility of the position we have been born into. To whom much is given, much is required. And we have been given far more than anyone else on the planet can even dream of. The ideas and truths that we take for granted - such as life after death and eternal families - are completely foreign to the majority of Australians. The Lord has promised us his angels to be round about us and to bear us up (D&C 84:88). He fulfills that promise. I have literally felt the undeniable presence of angels here on my mission. The veil is much more thin than we realize. It is an incredible blessing to be a part of this great work.

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