Sunday, August 4, 2013

Loving Australia!

Well, here I am in Western Australia! I LOVE it here. It is so awesome. Everyone talks like Hugh Jackman, it's amazing. I keep being reminded that I am the one with the accent, though. They call it my American 'twang'. I got up and bore my testimony on Sunday and a little girl in the congregation goes, "YES! An American!!" It was funny. Apparently they haven't had too many American sisters down here.

Sister Bryce is finally in Perth!

So President and Sister Lindsay are AWESOME! They are loving but firm, which is exactly what this mission needs. They do things a little differently here than in Nashville, which will take some getting used to but I am loving it. (:
President and Sister Bruce Lindsay and Sister Bryce

My companion. Don't even get me started. I always get the BEST companions. Her name is Sister Lee-Lo and she is from New Zealand. She is so, so, SO cute. We get along just famously and it is going to be an amazing couple(?) of transfers!! You can expect miracles from Busselton!

Sister Lee-Lo and Sister Bryce

Yes so I am serving in Busselton, which is one of the southern most areas in the mission. It is what we call 'country'. The fact that Elder Cook is serving as a zone leader in the northern-most zone is surely just a coincidence. (: He actually served here in Busselton, and opened the flat that I am now living in. He told me all about this area and some of the people here, so I already sort-of know it. He wrote his name on the wall, which is just strange to me and I try to avoid it because my mind just doesn't get it. He did leave a few spiders here though, which I am not okay with.

Speaking of Elder Cook, remember how I wasn't ever going to see him on my mission? Well, FALSE. I saw him my FIRST DAY. It was the strangest handshake of my life and I'm not even going to try to explain it. Yes, the entire mission knows about the situation. I hope these Elders don't think I am missing the sneaky little grins they give each other when I am introduced to them, but give me a transfer and they will no longer know me as Elder Cook's girlfriend. THAT'S for sure. (: I will be "her majesty, the magnificent Sister Bryce". Ha ha just kidding, but no really. Sister Lee-Lo and I are going to show these Elders how it's done.

The picture that needs no explanation.

So, let me tell you about Australia! Well, it is definitely not the Bible belt! In fact, I'm not sure if there are two missions more religiously different than the two I have served in.. In Kentucky, EVERYONE is religious. They may not like Mormons but they LOVE Jesus. Here, it's opposite. No one is religious, they've never heard of Mormons and they don't need God. Rather, they don't THINK they need God. Which is why Sister Lee-Lo and I are going to be so happy and spiritual that they will think their lives are pale, empty and lifeless compared to ours. Which they are.

I LOVE IT HERE. It's beautiful, the people are very nice - sometimes the men are a little fresh, but that's nothing that a cold glare can't handle - and they may not like religion but they do like us. I haven't seen a Kangaroo yet, but I will. Supposedly there are a ton in Busselton.

Really, the only thing that I don't like about this place is, no central heating. NO CENTRAL HEATING. WE HAVE TO USE SPACE HEATERS TO SURVIVE. Guys. I am living in Antarctica. Why, WHY didn't anyone ever tell me that central heating was an American thing?!?! Why didn't they ever tell me that everyone outside of the U.S. likes to be cold and miserable??? I seriously had no idea. I have been decieved. Ha ha no, just kidding. I am being really dramatic. But seriously, just think about that. No central heating. When you are walking around your nice, warm, perfectly regulated house, think about poor Sister Bryce shivering in front of a space heater. Ha ha oh man, it's a good thing they didn't call me to Russia.

Real missionaries ride bikes!
Alright, I love you guys! Keep me posted on everything that is going on! Remember who you are and remember who your favorite Sister Missionary is!

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