Monday, July 1, 2013

We are Sister Missionaries! We're like Nuns

Wow it's been hot there too, huh? Yeah we've been DYING. 100 degree weather is nothing...100 degree weather + 90% humidity + tracting; that's when it gets really fun! When I bought my clothes, I was gearing for winter in Australia, not summer in the South. Thank heavens we have a car with air-conditioning!

We took our car to the car wash; it was terrifying.

That family get-together sounds like it was a lot of fun, although I'm not quite sure why Dad was the one flipping all the pancakes. Abby. Get in the kitchen, woman.

Yes! Slippin Slides, that's what I'm talking about! Joseph is so cute going down that slide. Why is he so cute? Why did he get all the good genes?

Sondra blessed her baby? Oh that's lovely. SINCE WHEN DID SHE HAVE HER BABY??? I've been picturing her pregnant this whole time gosh dang it! I know in our family babies are a regular occurrence, but Sister Bryce needs to be informed of these types of things. Also, who is the adorable baby that Abby is holding in that picture? 

I had an awesome week! Sister Littleford and I are going to town. We have investigators from all over the place - Burma, Bosnia, Russia, Kentucky... it's really awesome. We are teaching a guy from Russia, who is a former Russian Mafia Leader. Don't worry Mom, he found Jesus while he was in prison, and now he is a baptist preacher. And we are teaching him English. Ha haha

People are very nice to us. Everyone here is religious, and even if they don't agree with our doctrine, they still treat us well. How can you not? We are Sister missionaries! We're like nuns. You can't be mean to a nun. 

The other day we were in the Little Africa, which is sooo ghetto. We had just finished an appointment and were getting in our car, when these two gang-banging black guys drove up and started hitting on us. We explained that we were missionaries and they felt sooo bad. Ha ha it was hilarious. Even gangsters realize it's not okay to "holla at a couple o' angels". It was sooo funny. The one in the passenger seat was all, "man, you goin to hell...." to the driver. Ha ha we gave them a Book of Mormon and the Elders' number. Oh the life of a Sister Missionary.

We are teaching an ADORABLE family from Bosnia. They've been here most of their lives so they are pretty much American. They are SO golden. They've been reading the Book of Mormon, and the mom (N---) had a neat experience where she really felt like it answered her prayer. We are so excited for them! Hopefully we will set a baptismal date with them today. They say that since they met us, everything in their lives has been going better. It is so neat to see the influence the Gospel has on peoples lives.

President and Sister McKee left today. They are incredible, incredible people. If I can become half of what Sister McKee is, then I'll make it to the Celestial Kingdom for sure. She is amazing. Standing in her presence is literally like standing in the presence of an feel almost reverence.They have a blog that tells about Sister McKee's story, it is amazing! You should read it. President McKee told me that Jalynn emailed him, apparently they went to high school together! So cool. It's a small world when you are a Mormon.

Things are good! I am surprised to find that the hardest part of a mission - for me at least - is saying goodbye to the people you learn to love so much. Missionaries, investigators, become so close in such a short amount of time. I'm still not quite over leaving my MTC district. We write each other though! Which is awesome.

Man you Bryces, traveling all over Europe and cruising all over the world...don't you realize there are missionaries starving in Provo? (: No but really. There probably are. And I know for a fact there are some starving in Temple Square! Please please go give my darling Sister Thulasidass a gift card or something. She saved my life when I was sick! She made us spinach and food (since the two aren't necessarily the same thing) and took care of us. I LOVE HER.

As always, I am LOVING my mission. There is nowhere else I'd rather be! Not even Spain. Not even on an Alaskan cruise. Cruises don't bring happiness, SERVICE to others brings happiness. In fact, for my birthday I want you all to go and do some service. And I don't mean weeding the cemetery. I want you to go do some REAL service. For real people that are in need. People are starving physically and spiritual all around us and we often don't even notice.
I love you all! Be good and go find some missionaries to go on splits with. 

And also, feel free to bake me some cookies and send them to me. (: I get your packages faster than I get your letters! Sister Littleford's family sent her cookies and it made our whole week! One package/letter to Sister Bryce = one brick for your mansion in Heaven.

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